KARACHI – Setting an example of civic development:

The process of progress and development is a continuing phenomenon all over the world. Small cities are changing into big ones while the big cities are transforming into mega cities. But the pace of infrastructure development exhibited by 'Karachi' and its administration, is both amazing and laudable.

The credit of this unprecedented achievement goes to the Sindh Government particularly City District Administration, whose sense of duty and love for the city made this uphill task possible within a record period of time, restoring the beauty and dignity of the city, and bringing back its bustle without any hassle. Today, those who live in Karachi take pride in being Karachites – the citizens of 'SHEHAR-E-QUAID' – one of the mega cities in the world.








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NORTHERN BYPASS – Turning fast into a 'City within the City':

The ever-sprawling dimensions of Karachi coupled with the unbridled growth of population necessitated mini markets and shopping centres in almost every township catering to the household needs of the residents. Today, we find meat shops, vegetable markets, grocery stores, shopping pools and food outlets etc. in various localities which together, present a spectacular view of a 'Mini City' self-contained and self-reliant in many respects.


However, the extensive and strategically located area of 'Northern Bypass' by virtue of CDGK's new Master Plan, is going to be a “City within the City” in close future. As has already been planned and proposed by the City District Government, the area will witness a humming business activity due to shifting of Jodia Bazaar, wholesale markets, motor parts shops etc. from the crowded and congested area of the old city. What's more, government and semi-government offices along with many other institutions and organizations are proposed to be shifted in this area turning the complexion of the Northern Bypass into a “City within the City”. Considering these massive developments in the area, the place would be an ideal haunt both, for business community and the residential class.



SAMAMA CITY – The Incredible Reality:

Samama City, a pioneer project, spread over a vast area of 300 acres, is a gigantic residential and commercial project situated at a premier location, right on Northern Bypass close to Super Highway.

This colossal project offering ideally sliced residential and commercial plots, houses in its vicinity Theme Parks, Water Parks, Picnic Resorts, Dream World, Hub Dam and scores of lush green farms in addition to the world-class academic institutions that's Madinat-al-Hikmat and Hamdard University which together provide academic and recreational facilities like nowhere else.


The development works accomplished by Samama City within a record period in a little while after its launch, which is really incredible. It was for the first time in the history of Pakistan that a project was offered for sale to the public having provided a boundary wall around 300 acres of land, internal and external roads network, Street Lights, Footpath, Plantation across the whole project, Sewerage and drainage system beside water, electricity, gas, telephone and a lot more. Isn't it really amazing? Seeing is believing...!